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Outdoor living is better than ever with Drink Tops™! Enjoying a beverage outdoors becomes worry-free after simply placing Drink Tops™ on top of a glass! Whether taking a moment to enjoy a refreshing lemonade, a glass of wine, or a cool margarita, Drink Tops™ provide the perfect cover!
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Enjoy wine outdoors with Drink Tops™ VENTILATED wine glass covers. A patent-pending design lets wine breathe and protects from outdoor elements; perfect for wine tastings and entertaining. Assorted colors make attractive drink markers, and fit most wine glasses up to four inches wide. Just cover, sip, and enjoy!

Weight 1 oz / 28 gm
Dimensions 4 inches
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Drink Tops WINE covers glass and stemware to prevent outdoor elements from entering a glass of wine.  This protective feature also keeps fruit flies from landing in wine, which can then release an unsavory enzyme that can change the taste and quality of the wine.  Drink Tops provide the perfect cover!



  • Keeps out fruit flies and other undesirable outdoor elements
  • Gently grips rim and allows wine to breathe
  • Patent-pending BPA-free silicone rim with stainless steel mesh center design
  • Assorted wine country colors serves as drink markers
  • Sold in 4-PAKS
  • Fits most glasses up to 4″wide
Additional Information
Weight 5 oz
Dimensions 4 in