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Outdoor living is better than ever with Drink Tops™! Enjoying a beverage outdoors becomes worry-free after simply placing Drink Tops™ on top of a glass! Whether taking a moment to enjoy a refreshing lemonade, a glass of wine, or a cool margarita, Drink Tops™ provide the perfect cover!
Coverware Drinktops Drink Covers
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Drink Tops™ have you covered for every outdoor occasion! Personalize covers for your party, and provide a memento by customizing with names, dates, and monograms. Drink Tops™ MOD silicone covers have an innovative ‘tap & seal’ patent-pending design to prevent outdoor debris from entering the glass, and the cover prevents drinks from splashing over the rim while moving. Drink Tops™ WINE silicone covers include a stainless steel screen center, allowing wine to breathe. Celebrate in style with Drink Tops™. Just cover, sip, and enjoy!

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