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Wedding VENTILATED Wine Glass Covers
Multiple Colors Available


Enjoy your special occasion with Drink Tops™ VENTILATED wine glass covers! An elegant and stylish way to keep outdoor elements out of wine while allowing wine to breathe. Beautiful colors and designs make great gifts and mementos and fit most wine glasses up to four inches wide. Celebrate in style with Drink Tops™. Just cover, sip, and enjoy!

Weight 1.1 oz  / 34.02 g
Dimensions 4 inches
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Drink Tops™ are gentle and safe to use on glassware without leaving an odor or residue. DrinkTops™ WEDDING covers fit most wine glasses up to 4 inches in diameter and available in Sets of 2.


  • Protects wine from outdoor elements
  • Allows wine to breathe
  • Gently grips rim
  • Made with BPA-free silicone and stainless-steel
  • Fits most glasses up to 4″ wide (Regular)
  • Includes 2 covers

Made with BPA-free silicone and stainless steel

Place on glass, remove to sip
Wash before use
Dishwasher safe

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White, Platinum, Light Blue, Navy Blue, Black