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Outdoor living is better than ever with Drink Tops™! Enjoying a beverage outdoors becomes worry-free after simply placing Drink Tops™ on top of a glass! Whether taking a moment to enjoy a refreshing lemonade, a glass of wine, or a cool margarita, Drink Tops™ provide the perfect cover!
Coverware Drinktops Drink Covers
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We Have You Covered!

Drink Tops™ have you covered for every outdoor occasion! Simply place Drink Tops™ silicone covers on top of a glass and tap the center to form a seal. This innovative ‘tap & seal’ patent-pending design reduces flying pests from being attracted to the drink, prevents outdoor elements from entering the glass, and it stops drinks from splashing over the rim while moving. Drink Tops™ WINE silicone covers include a stainless steel screen center, allowing wine to breathe. Best of all, they are easy to clean and extremely durable. Drink Tops™ make great gifts and change the way drinks are enjoyed outdoors!

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